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County Mayo

This wonderful Abbey is only twenty minutes from the Farm.

Ceide Fields
All ages will enjoy the pyramid-shaped visitors center displaying recreations of ancient life, including homes and tools, and a short film explaining the creation of the bogs and dramatic rock formations of Ireland. Outside, you can see and understand the formation of the earliest societies. The site rests at the edge of a 300 foot cliff on the north coast of Mayo.
It is a spectacular site any day of the year, but it is most impressive during a good stormy day when the wind and rain off the Atlantic give a sense of man's fragile connection to sea and land. The town of Ballycastle, home of the arts colony Ballinglen, is a mile down the road and close to the first battle during the year of the French, 1798.

If you hope to see some seals while in Ireland, this is a good bet.

Cong Abbey
Location of "The Quite Man" movie
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The town of Foxford is 15 minutes from the farm and a great place to buy or fish for salmon since the Moy River runs right through it and under the woolen mill. The mill is still in operation and offers beautiful woolen blankets and clothing at very reasonable prices. In fact, all the woolen blankets in our cottage are from Foxford.


Since its inception in 1988, IRD Kiltimagh Ltd. has worked hard to develop the Kiltimagh area in a way, which benefits the whole community. Through this work, the company formed by the Local Community, has gone forth to become one of the foremost Community Development Organisations in Western Europe with remarkable results.

Kiltimagh Museum

The McLaughlin Farm is equal distance between Kilkelly and Kiltimagh.

Bring along your family names and any dates you may know (birth, marriage, death).

One of the former manor house estates in Ireland, Westport House is only 30 minutes from the farm and should be part of any trip to the town of Westport. One of the special aspects of your visit to Westport House is the chance to get a close look at the tinkers' (travelers') wagons and the inside of the wondrous stables that once served this former colonial estate.

Croagh Patrick outside of Westport
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Less than 10 minutes from the shrine at Knock, the farm offers a quiet respite from the constantly busy town of Knock.

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